Mrs. Phoenix and a good spirit

Mix of oil painting with pigeon and ostrich colored feathers. 150 x 100 cm. 2015

I met Phoenix on the train with one way ticket
The Redhead Woman with lips burning like fire.
She had a white mark on the forehead, like a star
I said: this must be luck,
And next to her one empty chair.
We soon admitted that purple is both noble and daring
That red is for the living fire of youth and blue is for the tender cold of water.
That beautiful whispers come from good angels
And to hear more of that and maybe whisper it myself
A little more.

Hypatia’s fascination

Oil painting. 120 x 120 cm. 2016

If I look Up and the Downs are looking at me
Why do I feel absorbed by all that surrounds me
And to which dream do I owe these games of perception?
Which angle should I choose to look at it
When she wants to see the stars, both are dancing….
The entire Cosmos is answering

The key to the puzzle

Oil painting & peacock feather 100 x 50 cm 2017.

She splits the greens in two, wearing the pearls of cobalt blue
To match the eyes now starring at you.
And so she blushes away all that is true,
But why is she blushing at you?
The strike of the innocence, the blindness of truth,
The most sincere emotion, the color of blood,
Running inside like crazy do:
The unexpected game and fantasy,
The secret that puzzles the two,

The Art of Seduction

Oil painting & peacock feather. 90 x 70 cm. 2016

Honestly, who stole your eyes?
Pirouette fanning,
Who choses who,
Who starts the second Walz?

The Gardener

Oil painting 80 x 80 cm 2017.

In some eyes I play naked with my soul,
The God, the biggest misteries of all.
To wonder always.. what is that “ Eternal”?
When every day I live to die so slow.
I spin my circle to at least remember or to know:
Is there any purpose for all this at all?
And then you tricky hidden genius of mine
You whisper laughing back at me: a NO!
And so I feel again the life that blooms inside my soul
And humble ask for one more second please...
To be your gardener...
And more.

Beautiful Insomnia

Oil painting. 80 x 80 cm. 2018

When black has learned the hug
And let yourself be kissed all over by the red
To let the untouched to be the unchained
On the vertical greens
‘Till purple dawns catches you with a bouquet in your heart.
Your heart, your sparkles account after the rain
Bloomed trough the lilies in 5 culminating spreads,
The sweet memories, a never-ending love,
The fields of gold,
That side of life: The love, the joy,
You want.
To keep.

The perfect wandering

Oil painting 60 x 90 cm 2017.

There are lanes of corn that I call Home
To come here and make a call…
Today I question the gold.
You reply kindly to close my eyes,
This answer is heard in the heart.

Dreamining in a night of art

Oil painting. 45 x 45 cm. 2016

My soul is half human, half eternity...
My moments are drawn into his, like the river falls into the arms of the sea
And when it breaths, I become a constellation
Only to open once more the road to the Milky Way.
My soul is half fountain, half thirst
My sands are drinking it and when it’s full, it swims in color.
With the Purple Firefly comes flying the short vision
Raises the white hand up, as salutation.
For you to know: that you are everything and everything you are
Not for everybody, but in His eyes your lights are shining
Your Father’s, who naked knows you, you…your Mother’s seedling
The new good fruit of life, reborn each year.

Flamingo Style

Oil painting 100 x 150 cm 2018.

Very close to the pink heights
Long legs are kissing the lips of sea, on elegant walk
What Graces are watching from beyond horizons, above the tropical swans?
The Ballerina bows, hers is the Honor
But also Gratitude: is she the chosen one in their dance?
Oh! Huge is Your Love!

Absolute Devotion

Oil painting. 80 x 60 cm. 2018

Since Consciousness and Love are synonymous
Devotion is longing, intense longing for a cause.
Devotion is like falling in love.
Devotion is the Love of God.

Noble Silence

Oil painting & peacock feather 130 x 70 cm 2018

There are 14 unanswered questions:
Is the world eternal?
Or not?
Or both?
Or neither?
Is the world finite?
Or not?
Or both?
Or neither?
Is the self identical with the body?
…or is it different from the body?
Does the soul exist after death?
Or not?
Or both?
Or neither?

The mystery from Innocence's eyes

Oil painting. 90 x 60 cm. 2018

Who is she? What face is she showing and what does she mean with the look?
Her name is Innocence, but to what number the state opens?
Is it a personal identification code, the math from the stars?
Is it the light of a summer day and the ringing good news sound?
Is it a snowdrop with raspberry lips?

The Pink Elephant

Oil painting 100 x 130 cm 2018

I wonder why do I sometimes feel
I have a heart of an elephant?
And everything get’s pink
And everywhere there’s flowering.

Diamond's Thunder

Oil painting. 100 x 100 cm. 2016

It’s a short blitz, on first sight
You know without doing the math in advance
That the Cosmical Twins have met.

Song for the Sunrise

Oil painting 100 x 100 cm 2018

On a tropical beach, the rooster decisively invokes the dawns
You are there for the colored lights show
That the sky is dancing for you.
To breath you would like, but don’t want to miss a transformation:
The Pink Sky hugging The Big White.

The legend of Peahen

Oil painting & peacock feather. 130 x 160 cm. 2016

Peahen knows the end of the story
Only for this she opens the fanning crown.
There 9 suns in the savanna, there are good friends
There are thousands of eyes, there is joy,
After the dance the Peahen bows.